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Find out instantly what you are allowed to build on your property and how to maximize value with ADU, expansion or new construction

Development Potential Reports
for single and multi-family buildings

Our Reports take the guesswork off the table by analyzing the Development Potential of real estate properties.

They enable the (future) Homeowners, Realtors and design professionals, to perform feasibility studies or to market the listings' opportunity to prospective buyers.

Hear from our customers

"Thank you for the amazing report! We show it to our contractor and he was also very impressed with it. We had a really productive meeting because the Report guided us understand more realistically our options to improve our property and generate income."
Esteban and Kelly Leon
Home Buyers in Bay Area

Why Untapped Home Potential for home buyers?

There are so many different things you could use the CityStructure Reports to market a property, like showing the possible ADUs, additions, potential to split the lot. The Report gave me all these options to attract buyers targeting different things. Of course, they still have to check with the city. Still, with CityStructure Reports I was able to inform a larger pool of buyers. I'm so, so happy..."
Cece Doricko,
America's Top 1.5% Agent Nationwide for Compass
Compass real estate agency in San Francisco is Customer of CityStructure

Why Realtors use Development Potential Report
to show the listings' opportunity?

We were a little hesitant to order the report when our Realtor suggested it. It was something new and we didn't realize how much it helped us understand the possibilities of our new property. We knew we needed more room. Now we're so glad that we purchased the CityStructure Report because we don't feel overwhelmed anymore about moving forward with our improvement project. Now, we feel ready!
Alejandro Chang
Homeowner in San Francisco
CityStructure - the best tool for Real Estate Expansion Opportunity

Why Untapped Home Potential for homeowners?

Thank you so much! It was great having you at the open house today. It was a huge added value!! The CityStructure Report with its conceptual renderings was useful in helping us, as agents to position and sell build-out properties to our clients. The information in the Reports and the presentation boards were invaluable!
Alina Aeby Top Real Estate Agent with Compass is customer of CityStructure
Alina Aeby
Top Realtor, Compass

Why Untapped Development Potential for Realtors?

Affordable and Fast

Our Reports take the digital data about the property and use technology to generate a high-level zoning analysis and massing studies to give you key data about the development options.

This key data gets you focused on what you want, before engaging design professionals for a full permit set of drawings.

  • The Maximum Building Area

  • The Maximum Number of Units

  • The Budget for the Project

  • A Team to start your Project

How it works in 3 steps

Steps that take you to the results you want to achieve


Check the development potential

Find out instantly if there is any Development Opportunity for your property.

If the Potential building area is more than the Existing, go to step 2!

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Order your Report

Looking for more detailed information for your feasibility study or to show the Development Opportunities to your buyers? The answer is the Development Opportunity Report.

This Report is a technology driven zoning analysis, designed by our team of experienced professionals who have completed many residential and commercial projects and have performed hundreds of such reports.

Ready in  5 business days, from only $199.

Need to market the property and attract more buyers? Go to step 3.

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Digital Presentation Boards for Realtors

Now that you have the report, all you need to do is to showcase it to the buyers. We take the elaborate information from the report and format it so you can easily add it to your website, upload it on MLS or print it for your Open House.

Now let's get you ready!

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"CityStructure's report elevates our marketing strategy"

"Before working with CityStructure, the only real option for us as real estate agents was to advocate that our buyers or sellers go to the city and investigate personally what could be built on a property. That was the only way for us to remove any liability having to do with the marketing of the property. But having the ability to lean on a product like CityStructure's report, just elevates our marketing strategy and, as real estate agents, it puts us in a different category".

Marco Carvajal,
RE Agent for Vanguard Properties

Real estate development
at any scale and goals

Our Reports give you the option of analyzing anything from incremental improvements of an existing building to large multi-family developments.

ADU or

Horizontal Expansion



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Felicia Nitu  CEO and Founder of CityStructure

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