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Realtor at Vanguard Properties

Eddie O'Sullivan

Founder and

"CityStructure's conceptual renderings are useful in helping our agents to position and sell build-out properties to our clients."

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Realtor at Sotheby's

Lisa Miller

Real Estate

“Thank you so much! It was great having you at our open house today. It was a huge added value!! ... You and your presentation was invaluable.”

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Realtor at Compass

Daniel Hershkowitz

Director of Risk

“This service and report is the latest high-tech version of property “renderings” which we have seen in the industry for many decades.”

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We ASSESS the existing property


We ANALYSE the development options


We get you ready to MARKET it

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case study

Cece Doricko is a well-known real estate agent in San Francisco. She saw the investment opportunities for her listing but she couldn't disclose them. Instead, she used the CityStructure reports to analyze the development possibilities for her listing.
As a result, she expanded the pool of buyers to families that need more space, looking to generate passive income though ADU and make it easy for investors to run their feasibility studies.
In return Cece got an additional $300,000 for the owner, a happy buyer and many referrals.

Watch how she did it...