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Development Potential
for Savvy Real Estate Professionals

We help  real estate agents and home owners analyze and showcase
the development potential of real estate properties

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The maximum value
is the right value

Many properties got sold under their value
because of the difficulty to access their development potential.
The prohibitive cost made this information accessible only to developers.
Not anymore. CityStructure makes it accessible to all!

Home Sellers.
Get the Best Value.

Show the maximum development potential of your property
to attract more buyers and
increase the chance of getting multiple offers on your property.

Real Estate Agents.
Top Agents Add Real Value.

Top real estate agents are pro-active by revealing to their clients insightful information about properties.
We give you the permit history, site specific planning regulations, floor plans of the existing house, along with zoning analysis that shows maximum size of a structure on the property.

Home Buyers.
Access the Best Value.

Real estate developers  understand where is value because they have access to expensive property development analysis.
CityStructure makes this analysis affordable and accessible to you.

Hear directly from our clients...

We take pride in dedicating our full attention
to each and every one of our customers

Marco Carvajal

, Vanguard Properties

"Showcasing the property development potential with CityStructure products gives more value for the listings and sets agents on a different category of professionals. "

Hear directly from our clients

Lisa Miller

, Sotheby's International Realty

“Thank you so much! It was great having you at the open house today. It was a huge added value!! ... You and your presentation was invaluable.”

Eddie O'Sullivan

“The reports are a great tool that will focus thinking, save time and money, and hopefully help many people engage in the process of home improvement.”

Mark D McHale

"CityStructure's conceptual renderings are useful in helping our agents to position and sell build-out properties to our clients."

Daniel Hershkowitz

“This service and report is the latest high-tech version of property “renderings” which we have seen in the industry for many decades.”

+ 100K sqft
Revealed New Building Areas
+ 10%
Over Asking Sale Price
+ $70m
Additional Value

CityStructure Products

Our products reveal the untapped value of residential properties
with insightful analysis &powerful visuals,
10x cheaper and 10x faster

Base Report

Access a summary of important permit history and planning regulations for the property of your interest.

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Value Added Report

Attract more buyers with compelling visuals of the existing and maximum building envelop on a lot along with data driven analysis.

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New House Report

Educate buyers with compelling visuals of a new building envelop on a lot

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Open House
(on-line) Event

Present your listing to impress! Step-up to a higher level of professionalism and transform your open house into a memorable event.

See Open House (on-line) Event

Floor Plans

Floor plans are a must for any listing. We've created two levels of sophistication and pricing to match everyone's budget and expectations.

Add marketing floor plans to any of the CityStructure Base or Value Added Reports at just one click of a button.


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Fill out the form with your information and the property address, we’ll take it from there. No payment is required at this moment. We'll e-mail you with a confirmation that the report could be produced along with an invoice.

03. Receive the Report in 48h

Your report is ready in just 48h from the moment we receive the payment.

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