We are an innovative, architectural and tech-driven company, with a team that takes pride and ownership in everything we do.

CityStructure started when Felicia Nitu, after 20 years of architectural practice and real estate development, realized the imbalance of power between developers and the public who doesn’t have access to specialized architectural analysis. This unfair advantage harnessed by expansive architectural services had been limiting realtors to market their fixer-upper or land listings to everyone. As a result, homebuyers would purchase properties before verifying if it'd meet the needs of their families.

+ 100K sqft
Revealed New Building Areas
+ 10%
Over Asking Sale Price
+ 72m
Additional Value

Our Vision

We hope that our product will ease the housing market by making available to potential buyers site analysis which real estate developers use in their feasibility studies.

— CEO and Co-founder, CityStructure
Felicia Nitu - Founder and CEO of CityStructure