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What RH or Single family zoning means for a property in San Francisco?

UPDATES! RH are residential house districts are intended to recognize, protect, conserve and enhance areas characterized by dwellings in the form of houses, usually with one, two or three units with separate entrances, and limited scale in terms of building width and height. Such areas tend to have similarity of building styles and predominantly contain large units suitable for family occupancy, considerable open space, and limited nonresidential uses. The RH Districts are composed of five separate classes of districts.


ADU regulations for San Diego

San Diego county, like most of the counties in California, is following the regulations mandated by the state. However, due to the existing housing stock, there are some specifics that need to be followed when apply for an ADU in San Diego. Learn more in our article here ...


How to save time and money when planing to build a residential addition

Are you excited to get your new addition built and have no time to waste on the permit process? Here is what you need to do to avoid the lengthy Use Permit Discretionary Review process.

California SB-9

What is ministerial approval process or streamline permit process?

The ministerial approval process or also called "as of right" permitting is the most favorite permitting process for a home owner or a developer who wants to get the entitlements for their project. This is the fastest way to get plans approved by the city because the review process is streamlined.

Permit Process

Apply for ADU permits online in San Francisco

Here you can find out the cost, time and check list to apply for an ADU and work related to ADU construction.


How to Build an ADU in San Francisco

Finally, San Francisco put together a friendly process to add Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) on a property. Now that we have got the green light from the city, let's see how you can get ready to start the project.


10 Steps to Build an ADU

New to build an ADU? Here are 10 steps you need to know in order to start your project.

California SB-9

How SB-9 applies to properties in Oakland?

In 2021, California has issued an exciting bill 9 that allows more units on lots where only one unit used to be allowed. Now that the framework was voted, Oakland as any other municipality has specified how the bill will apply under the local planning regulations.

California SB-9

Design Scenarios for Properties Developed under SB-9

Here you can understand, with drawings and explanations, what you could build on a lot taking into consideration SB-9 regulations.

10+1 Things to Consider Before Starting Your ADU Project

Learn from industry experts what to consider when planning to build an ADU. Learning from professionals is great because it help you avoid mistakes and gain time and money.