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What RH or Single family zoning means for a property in San Francisco?

UPDATES! RH are residential house districts are intended to recognize, protect, conserve and enhance areas characterized by dwellings in the form of houses, usually with one, two or three units with separate entrances, and limited scale in terms of building width and height. Such areas tend to have similarity of building styles and predominantly contain large units suitable for family occupancy, considerable open space, and limited nonresidential uses. The RH Districts are composed of five separate classes of districts.

San Francisco

San Francisco Expanding Housing Choice

After months of presenting to the San Francisco residents for public feedback, the Final Proposed Zoning Map is presented today to the Mayor for consideration and introduction at the Board of Supervisors. How is this rezoning is going to shape San Francisco? It's hard to image. Surely the Housing Element Zoning Program, part of the Housing for All initiative, follows the Regional Housing Needs Allocation required by the State of California.


How to save time and money when planing to build a residential addition

Are you excited to get your new addition built and have no time to waste on the permit process? Here is what you need to do to avoid the lengthy Use Permit Discretionary Review process.

Permit Process

A quick permit process guide for residential properties in Berkeley

Here are the steps on how the permitting process works for residential projects in Berkeley, California.

California SB-9

What is ministerial approval process or streamline permit process?

The ministerial approval process or also called "as of right" permitting is the most favorite permitting process for a home owner or a developer who wants to get the entitlements for their project. This is the fastest way to get plans approved by the city because the review process is streamlined.

Permit Process

Apply for ADU permits online in San Francisco

Here you can find out the cost, time and check list to apply for an ADU and work related to ADU construction.


10 Steps to Build an ADU

New to build an ADU? Here are 10 steps you need to know in order to start your project.

California SB-9

Ministerial approval for SB-9 Projects in San Francisco

Ministerial approval is the fastest way to get your permits and start your project. SB-9 eligible projects will successfully go thought the permit process because they skip the long and unpredictable neighborhood notification requirement and take the ministerial review path instead.

California SB-9

Possible Development Scenarios under SB-9 San Francisco

There are quite a few options on what you could build on your lot based on SB-9. Here we've described couple of scenarios for you to quickly understand the parameters.


Mayor London Breed makes a historical shift for San Francisco Housing

Proposed legislation will cut unnecessary processes and expand incentives for housing that fits within approved zoning laws.

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Projects that need to go though Discretionary Review in San Francisco

Discretionary review is part of the Project Application to obtain permits to build in San Francisco. Any project that is not eligible for same-day approval at the Planning Counter must submit a Project Application. This includes any Building Permit Application that requires an intake for Planning Department review, including for environmental evaluation, and any application for a development entitlement