Bonita Neighborhood, San Diego

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March 27, 2022

This article is based on different perspectives that describe what it means to live in Bonita Neighborhood, San Diego, including history, demographics, transportation, politics, education and lifestyle.


The name in 1884after ranch Bonita which means " Beautiful " in Spanish. Henry Ernest Cooper Sr. Bonita Neighborhood gave this name, and San Diego was situated in the River Valley of Sweetwater. Before Spanish arrivals, some Kumeyaay people lived for several years in this area and called this area Apusquel. When this area got freedom from the Spanish Empire, this valley was awarded to John (DonJuan) Forster.


 In Bonita Neighborhood, San Diego, there are almost 4,546 units, and these houses were built in 1975. Bonita offers houses on mortgages for 71.61%, which 4,089 people in Bonita almost occupy. Medium home costs around $677,700 on the mortgage.


In Bonita, there are three main ways of transportation for residents, which are used by people for going their work or getting an education, mainly by bus, car, and walking. Trolley bus. No direct connection between Bonita and San Diego. People can take the tram easily to Station E street, walk through E street center transitor take the bus 705 to Allen School or Otay lakes.

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Many political parties are incorporated with the community and working for the betterment of Bonita. During 2018-2021 around 5615 democratic parties appear incorporated in the community as politically designated.


Conclusion: there are all the facilities which a small town people wanted in Bonita. Bonita is full of areas with fresh green trees and trails with lots of open spaces to enjoy beautiful nature. The people in Bonita are living their lives luxuriously. There is no lack of any city side in Bonita. Plaza Bonita is the favorite place of Bonita people, which provides a great fun experience to the locals and people of Bonita.



The education system focuses on building the strong character of their children to make them excellent human beings in the future. For this, Bonita residents and authorities focus on creating many opportunities for their children to make themselves be able to compete with the world outside. In Bonita, almost 23% of people are high school graduates. Meanwhile, 27.85% are just college certificate locals of number 3,090, and 22.45% hold bachelor’s degrees.

Real Estate

Bonita Neighborhood, San Diego in this town, around 4,089 households are present in which around 3 members use each household. In Bonita households which represent establishments of the family are 73%, whereas non-family account units are 27%.Some households are only in children's use, which is 74.71%.In Bonita, people can easily buy or rent a house for themselves. The mortgage medium value is$677,700, and per month it will be $2,122 in Bonita.

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