Boulevard Neighborhood, San Diego

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March 27, 2022

This article is focused on the development of the area over the years, describing the lifestyle of Boulevard Neighborhood history, demography, transportation, politics, and education.


During the year1888, this area discovers with the name of the “University“ ( Near University Avenue)  from the initially proposed plan during the boom in the 1880s. San Diego headquarters unified School district occupies the current site, near the corner Park boulevards and EI Cajon. In1915, this district grew its facilities and population because of Panama's nearby Balboa Park. The neighborhood of Boulevard homes called Mission Cliff gardens was built on site. The gardens were very popular on tourist sites and original boundary garden walls of rounded stones.


In Boulevard, the total population is around the site is approximately 20,708, with the composition of racial which is made up of around Hispanic  63.6 percent,21 percent Asian, White 24.2percent, 21 percent Asian, 1 percent Indian American and native Alaskan, and 1percent non-Hispanic White. A total of 405 residents are present in Boulevard, with an average age of 67.1, with the total number of females 45.43% and males54.57%.


In boulevard, transportation is provided by the authorities to provide community affordable and cheap transportation to the residents. All the roads are well structured and well-organized.

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The area of Boulevard is developed, the community is high-way-oriented, and the construction is altered in Interstate8. Due to easy accessibility and linking metropolitan areas, political values are strong and determined, which shows the determination of the individual contribution of all the political parties.


The lifestyle of the Boulevard resident is relatively simple because it is far from the San Diego metropolitan. Self-sustaining in this area means that people's basic needs are near them, like schools and shopping malls, are near them. Due to their perfect environment and climate changes, people enjoy every area's location.


In Boulevard, approximately 33.58% have high school degrees ( 136residents), 19.75% have college certificates ( 144 locals), and a bachelor's degree is completed by 15.8% of people. The famous school in Boulevard is East Village Middle College High School.

Real estate  

In the boulevard, there are about of total of220 households, each of the houses made up of 2 members; the medium size houses in the boulevard were built in the year 1965. Around 45% of  Boulevard, the housing units are owner-occupied, and 55% are renters living.

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