Campo Neighborhood, San Diego

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March 28, 2022

Looking to live in a great place so you won’t regret buying a house in the wrong place. In this article, we focus on all the factors why Campo Neighborhood, San Diego, is one of the the best places to live. Read here a summary about this area to have a well-rounded image starting from its history, current transportation, demographics, school, and real estate so that you can understand the quality of living in Campo Neighborhood, San Diego.


From 1896 to 1912,a dam was constructed in Morena Dam to provide water in Campo Neighborhood, San Diego. In 1919 Campo neighborhood station was completed with the name of Arizona Railway. During World war II, Campo was considered a military town named Camp Lockett. Milling corporations in Campo are next to the railroad to the northern edge valley with the landmark of mining from Houser mine Canyon from 1921-1934 for producing different China Products, porcelain, and enamel.


Campo is the 5th largest ethnic group in CA, with non- Hispanic (white) people of 47.7%. Their primary language at home is not English. There are around 3408 residents living in Campo, with an average age of 27.1. The total number of males is 57.25%, and females are 42.75%.Moreover, 12.44% are non-citizens, and 3.81% are non-US- born citizens.


In Campo Neighborhood, the ways of transportation for residents to their work are bus, car, walking, and trolley bus. All the problems of transportation that they might face in their day to day life and for that the roads are well structured with the well-organized transport system. A country maintenance road station is present on Gate road of Forrest with a fire station at Parker road and Steward road.

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 In this busy world, the people of Campo always wanted to enjoy their life. For this, the unique attractions in Campo are the museums, landmarks, and parks; every year, thousands of tourists get attracted to the town. The lake Morena park and the  Southwest museum railway are the most attractive places in town.


 In Campo, the people are focused on getting a higher education and getting their children well educated. The higher authorities provide their students with many opportunities to shape them into more incredible human beings. Some of the schools in Campo are Hillside Alternative Junior/Senior High (7-12), Cottonwood Community Day (7-12), Mountain Empire Junior/Senior High (7-12), Campo Continuation (at the old Campo Elementary School).

Real Estate  

This town holds 947houses in Campo. Each house is made up of 4 members. Campo households 68.74%are based on single-family. While non-family house units account for 31.26%.Theannual average household income is $72,492 and per year $53,702  for houses. In 1,198 housing units in Campo for the medium properties in 1979, in which 947 housing units are occupied in Campo, non-owner 62.72% whereas,  37.28% people live in rental houses.

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