Corona Heights Neighborhood, San Francisco

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July 21, 2021

The Corona Heights neighborhood stretches between Buena Vista Park and Eureka Valley.  The streets within Corona Heights were literally cut out of the large hill that once encompassed all of Buena Vista Park and extended all the way down to Market Street.

In 1899, excavation began on the hill to make way for the Gray Brothers Quarry and brick factory.  The quarry had removed tons of rock and produced tens of thousands of bricks, creating a blasted landscape.

George and Harry Gray (the Gray brothers) owned a total of three quarries in San Francisco.  Besides The Corona Heights Quarry, One was located on Telegraph Hill, and the third at Thirtieth and Castro (now called Billy Goat Hill) located above Noe Valley.

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Just south of Buena Vista Park and west of the Duboce Triangle is the small affluent neighborhood of Corona Heights. Many streets are narrow, steep, quiet and quaint while 17th Street and Market Street come alive with traffic and commerce. The architecture runs the gamut from fine Victorians to modern masterpieces. The Randall Museum, located on Museum Way, focuses on arts, crafts, sciences and natural history geared toward children. It has been home for the Golden Gate Model Rail Road Club since 1961. Several mini parks dot the community. The nearby neighborhoods of the Castro, Haight Ashbury and Cole Valley offer great shopping and dining opportunities, public transportation and private shuttle access is excellent.

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