Descanso Neighborhood, San Diego

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April 2, 2022


Descanso is situated East of Alpine and west of Pine Valley in the San Bernardino Mountains. Cuyamaca Rancho State Park is located at an elevation of 3,450 feet. It is also the southern entrance of Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.

Because of the Cedar Fire in 2003, the region was severely endangered. The neighborhood comprises several tiny ranches and contemporary residences that have been built by San Diego commuters. Given San Diego's back-country leisure areas to the city, horse riding and trekking are popular recreational pursuits.



The town of Descanso has a population of 1423 people. The population density per squaremile (28.6 people per km2) was 74.1. Descanso had a racial makeup of 1,290people (90.7 percent ) White, 5 oz (0.4 percent ) African American, 29 (2.0percent) Native American, 16 (1.1 percent) Asian, 9 (0.6 percent) Pacific Islander, 46 (3.2 percent) from other races, and 28 (2.0 percent) from two or more races were among those who answered the survey questions. 150 people identified as Hispanic or Latino of every race (10.5 percent ).



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Descanso has a liberal political climate. In latest presidential election,60.2 percent of residents in San Diego County, CA, voted Democrat, 37.5 percent voted Republican, and 2.3 percent voted Independent. San Diego County remained largely Democratic in the last Presidential election, 60.2 percent to 37.5percent. On the other hand, San Diego State voted Republican in the 4th most current Presidential elections, after voting Republican in 2000 and 2004.

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Descanso is a San Diego Major suburb. It has a population of only 1,644 people and a population density of 85 people per square mile, which is 9% lower than the national average. Their lifestyle is at a slower pace, and this town is also close to many other cities. The people of Descanso live their lives with great pleasure and usually opt for a luxurious lifestyle.


The education system in Descanso is quite impressive for such a small community. Some of the best Schools in Descanso Neighborhood includes Christian Junior/Senior High School, Descanso Elementary School, Mountain Empire High School, and Mercy High School

Real estate 

Descanso has a typical house value of $572,673, which is 8 percent more than the Metro average and is a good investment. The average rent of $2,500 is 37 percent higher than the average rent in the metro area and59 percent higher than the national median rent. It is one of the cheapest areas in the San Diego metropolitan area. The median household income in Descanso is $92,232, which is 19 percent more than the median household income in the Metro area and 32 percent higher than the national median household income.

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