Escondido Neighborhood, San Diego

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April 3, 2022


Spanish explorer Juan Bautista de Anza was the first one who has identified and found the location of Escondido, which was established in 1776. Later, the region became a part of the Rancho Rincon del Diablo (the Demon's Corner), a property concession given to Juan Bautista Alvarado by Mexican Governor Manuel Micheltoren in 1843. However, the rancho was named after the devil who lived there.


Among the five most populous ethnic groups in Escondido are White (Hispanic) (37.7% of the population), 35.1% White, 11.5% of others, 6.93% Asian, and Two 3.26% of couples. 0 percent of households in Escondido, CA, speak a language other than English as their primary language.


In Escondido, residents use multiple ways of transportation to get to the places they want to visit, including the San Diego Trolley, Coaster, Bus, Sprinter, cars, etc.


Escondido, CA, has a some what liberal political climate. In the most recent presidential election, 60.2 percent of residents in San Diego County, CA, voted Democrat,37.5 percent voted Republican, and 2.3 percent voted Independent. San Diego County remained largely Democratic in the last Presidential election, 60.2percent to 37.5 percent.

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Escondido is a city in the San Diego metropolitan city with a population of 151,300 people. Escondido is located in the county of San Diego. Escondido provides the lifestyle where residents can have an urban-suburban eclectic vibe, with most individuals owning their residences.


The education system in Escondido is served under the Unified District School of Escondido. There are 25 elementary schools, 16 Preschools, 34 Middle Schools, 26 High Schools, 30 Public District Schools, and 74 Private Schools in Escondida.

Real estate

Escondido is a significant business retail complex with various services and stores, including banks and other financial services, architects, law offices, and real estate offices. In Escondido the median home value is $450,200, and the median rent is $1,448. Even though the purchase price of a house is more affordable in Escondido, there are still 49% rented homes and 51% house owners.

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