How to afford to buy a house in California if you make $150,000 or less

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April 7, 2022

The state of California government is on alert because of a lack of inventory for homes, sky racketed prices for any property, and witnessing residents leaving the Golden State. What CA government has done to make homeownership affordable again and keep the American Dream alive?

This is a pivoting point when NEW financing programs have been in place to help homeownership for CA residents who earn as much as $150,000 per year. We previously touched on multiple down payment programs with 0% financing options and possible $40,000 funds available for your new ADU to cover soft costs (permit, design, engineering, etc.).

Answer these few questions about your project to find out if you may qualify to get advantage of the benefits California offers to the home owners who want to add more units on their property.

Want to get your permits fast?

Watch this helpful video to learn more about these programs. It was recorded during STEPS event organized by C.A.R. . Realtors learned about these financing programs for mid- to lower-income professionals so they'd be more helpful to prospective buyers. In these times of housing shortage, Realtors find themselves in a strategic position between local government and residents.

California Association of Realtors has incredible resources available for anybody to access these funds. Here is a great little form that tells you instantly for which programs you might be eligible.

Find out if your project qualifies for streamline permitting under Senate Bill 9 (SB9) to get the permits fast

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