Imperial Beach Neighborhood, San Diego

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April 2, 2022


Imperial Beach is located in San Diego County, California; it is mostly a residential beach community with a population of 26,324 people as of the 2010 census. Located on California's West Coast, the city is the farthest from the state and the United States both. It is located in the South Bay district of San Diego County, is about 14.1 miles near downtown San Diego and 5 miles (8 kilometers) northwest of the Mexican city of Tijuana.


Affluent whites(Hispanic) account for 41.5 percent of the population of Imperial Beach, California, followed by whites (non-Hispanic) (30.8 percent), Asians(non-Hispanic) (8.41 percent), others (Hispanic) (5.29 percent), and Black or African American (4.66 percent ).


In Imperial Beach, there are several ways of transportation for residents, used by people for going their work or getting an education. Public transportation is widely available and accessible. Unfortunately, there is no direct connection between Imperial Beach and San Diego.


Many political parties are incorporated with the community and working for the betterment of Imperial Beach. During 2018-2021 around 5615 democratic parties appear included in the community as politically designated.

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Imperial Beach is a San Diego suburb with approximately 27,315 inhabitants, making it the largest in the county. Imperial Beach is located in the county of San Diego. Imperial Beach is characterized by an urban-suburban mixed atmosphere, with most people renting their residences. Imperial Beach has a large number of bars and parks to choose from. Imperial Beach is home to many families, and most of the population is liberal. Imperial Beach's public schools perform above average compared to the rest of the state.


The education system focuses on building the strong character of their children to make them excellent human beings in the future. For this, Imperial Beach residents and authorities focus on creating many opportunities for their children to make themselves be able to compete with the world outside. Some popular Schools in Imperial Beach include San Diego Unified School District, Sweetwater Union High School District, South Bay Union Elementary School District (Imperial Beach), and Dwight Global Online School.

Real Estate     

In Imperial Beach Neighborhood, San Diego, the median home value is $563,600 significantly higher compared with $217,500 at federal level. Also, the median rent is around $1,459, as opposed to $1,062 nationwide. However, most of the residents rent 69% of the homes, and only 31% own their homes.

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