More Value.
Less costs.

Turn your house hunting into a winning experience! The limited housing inventory is an opportunity for you to purchase underdeveloped properties and benefit out their potential. Accessing the untapped potential of all the properties for sale, it opens up a lot more options and inventory for you.

CityStructure Report are affordable and quick so you can move fast as soon as you understand what you could build on your property.

How you can benefit from using
Development Analysis

Whether you want to expand your existing house, build a new house or a new ADU (accessory dwelling unit), the Untapped Potential Report shows you these options for your property

Get an Instant Estimate if the property you tour has any development potential

Now can use you mobile device to quickly find out if you could add more units, levels or an ADU to the property you're touring with your Realtor.

Some properties are really hot and you want to move fast in your decisions.

Access the same property information as developers do but at an affordable price

CityStructure Untapped Potential Report gives you the size of the possible new additions, the maximum number of units, ADUs or even the maximum size of a new building on this property with an estimated construction budget.

Great! Now you could calculate if the new building area is large enough for you and how much budget you need to complete the project.

Have a productive meeting with professionals

With the CityStructure Report on hand, you have enough information to contact your lander and your contractor. They both would want to know if what you want to build, you're also allowed by the city.

Show them the option you choose from the CityStructure Report and you'll have meaningful and realistic insights for you.

How you can use the information from CityStructure Report in your house hunting

Go to any real estate websites and follow these 3 steps

What's the Development Potential for your property?

Properties with Development Opportunity

3745 21st St, San Francisco
Expansion Potential
2229 Webster Street, San Francisco
Expansion Potential
262 Evelyn Way, San Francisco
Expansion Potential
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