Tips To Develop the Ground Floor into Livable Areas in San Francisco Residential Buildings

There are still well-priced single-family homes for sale in San Francisco. While the price is attractive, they offer too little space even for a four people family size. Here lies the development opportunity. Learn what type of spaces you're allowed to add in these houses and start to benefit by improving them.


Tax Breaks for Historic Homes

Did you know that there are advantages of having your building considered a historical resource under Mills Act? Here is what you need to know about the Mills Act.


Maher Ordinance and its impact

Many real estate properties in San Francisco have to follow the Maher Ordinance regulation requirements before making any improvements on the site. Here is what you need to know about this regulation.


How to save time and money when planing to build a residential addition

Are you excited to get your new addition built and have no time to waste on the permit process? Here is what you need to do to avoid the lengthy Use Permit Discretionary Review process.

Permit Process

A quick permit process guide for residential properties in Berkeley

Here are the steps on how the permitting process works for residential projects in Berkeley, California.


Marco Carvajal unlocks development potential in Richmond

Marco Carvajal, Vanguard Properties agent is known to have a great portfolio of developers ready to invest. In this video you'll find out how Marco reveals new investment opportunities to his developers and transforms regular buyers into starter investors.

Permit Process

San Francisco made ADU application possible online

Here you can find out the cost, time and check list to apply for an ADU and work related to ADU construction.


10 Steps to be one of the top 1% Real Estate Agents

The secret to becoming successful in anything is persistence. Learning from the successful real estate agents how they persist in their business is the key to achieve this.


What means historical buildings in San Francisco?

There are different categories that San Francisco Historic Preservation department classify historical buildings.

Permit Process

No permit, no worries for some projects in Napa

Check out the list of improvements you could perform in Napa Valley without applying for a permit.


10 Steps to Build an ADU in San Francisco

Finally, San Francisco put together a friendly process to add Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) on a property. Now that we have got the green light from the city, let's see how you can get ready to start the project.