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How many times did you wish there was an easy and cost efficient way to show the potential of your empty lot listing?
Here it is! Get full analysis along with visuals  to show how much could be built on a lot based on the local planning regulations, in just 48h and at a fraction of the cost.


Elevate Empty Lots

Bring out the best out of the listings with an empty lot or listings that have a tear down house on a lot. Show to the prospective buyers what they could built with 3D views and new building’s area.

Value beyond what you can see

The power in marketing empty lot listings stay in the potential of building new structures on them. New House Report brings together all you need to showcase your listing’s potential to the buyers

We analyse the development

Not having a clue what you may be allowed to build on a lot? New House Report gives you visuals and estimated building areas based on the local planning regulations.

Add value
to a vision

Interested to put together a budget before starting to pay for professional fees? With New House Report in hand, you can call your General Contractor to start estimating your project cost.


Zoning Analysis
of the Lot


Being helpful and pro-active has always paid off with more sales and more referrals. Potential buyers have high expectations and you have to go above and beyond anybody else. It’s not an easy job but our zoning analysis takes your services to a whole new level of professionalism that only deep pocket developers used to benefit from.

CityStructure report for Brendon Kearney, real estate agent for Vanguard Properties real estate agency in San Francisco

Assessed Building vs. Existing Building


Assessor's office evaluate the property only for the land and the finished interior areas of the house. However, there are a lot more built areas on the property that the assessor's office doesn't include. This is where you find the "treasure box" to improve the property without a huge budget.

CityStructure - Marketing tool for real estate agents to expand properties

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Your report is ready in just 5 business days from the moment we receive the payment.

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How to sell homes to consumers and investors

Check out how Cece Doricko was able to get 24% or +$300,000 over asking price for her client by selling a residential property, located in a less desirable area.

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