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Buyers love proactive agents. The old school agent is stuck at the classic marketing package: floor plans, cute pictures and a classy website for the existing lot. A proactive agent adds to that package compelling visuals and useful data that maximizes the building potential for home buyers.


Maximum Development Potential

Don’t settle with what you see already built on a property.  Value Added Report can reveal areas that could be built in addition to the existing house. Interested to add two more bedrooms and a bath?
Value Added Report gives you the answer.

Add value that is visible

Changes in zoning regulations may open new development opportunities that all prospective buyers want to know about each property they tour. With Value Added Report, you can help them review these regulations in a visually appealing way.

Demystify inconsistencies

Property's permit history could become a strong selling or negotiation point. That basement which has been improved might have been done without a permit for a reason.
Find out why...

Foresee limitations

Traditionally, a home owner would hire an architect to figure out what they could build on a property.  This comes at a cost to the home buyer. With this report, you can help them foresee limitations while also revealing opportunities before they make a purchase.


Zoning Analysis with the Existing Structure on site


We don’t promise additions to the existing house. We analyze. Zoning regulations change in time and what you were not permitted to build yesterday, you might be permitted today. Don’t leave undiscovered value in properties on the table. Prospective buyers want to know the improvement opportunities of each property they tour.

Assessed Building vs. Existing Building


Assessor's office evaluates a property only for the land area and the finished interior areas. However, there are many more areas on the property that the assessor's office doesn't include. This is where you find the "treasure box" to improve your property without a huge budget.

CityStructure - Marketing tool for real estate agents to expand properties

Floor Plans of the Existing Residence


Get a simplified or more sophisticated graphic representation of the floor plans based on your marketing intent and budget.

Check out the two pricing tiers. The cost of the Base Report doesn't include drafting marketing floor plans.

Now you can add as many details as you need to make your listing stand out. Drop us a line to let us know about your intent and we will work with you to meet your needs.

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How to sell homes to consumers and investors

Check out how Cece Doricko was able to get 24% or +$300,000 over asking price for her client by selling a residential property, located in a less desirable area.

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