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CityStructure Analysis gives the edge to Realtors starting from attracting homeowners to signing the listing contract, to creating an ongoing channel of buyers.

CityStructure analysis is the marketing edge that gives Realtors information and visuals about the development opportunities for residential and commercial properties that no MLS offers.

Development Opportunity reports
for Realtors

It’s not only about what you’re allowed to build but also what are the buyers interested in. Each option requires a different budget and not everyone could qualify to borrow a lot of money. The way we help you is to expand your buyer’s pool by giving them options that would fit different budgets, returns and goals.

Unlock development =
Unlock buyers

While touring the properties, make sure you check development opportunity of the property.

CityStructure Untapped Potential estimate gives you a FREE snapshot of the development opportunity of any property.

More options = More buyers

"Expansion Potential" and "Development Opportunity" are NOT only for rundown properties or vacant lots. Because the zoning regulations have changed, even a gorgeous property may have a lot of development potential.

Start by unlocking the inventory by catering the same property to a variety of prospective buyers by presenting the multiple development options with the CityStructure reports.

CityStructure report for Brendon Kearney, real estate agent for Vanguard Properties real estate agency in San Francisco

More buyers + More sellers =
More revenue

Increase your revenue though a higher rate of transactions by re-activating buyers that stepped away because they couldn't qualify or find a house large enough to accommodate their needs.

By showing them the possibilities of expanding the existing house, they'll afford to buy it and gain value by developing it themselves.

Market Development Opportunity like a Pro!

Cece Doricko

America's Top 1.5% Agent Nationwide

"There are so many different things you could do with the Full Report like looking for ADUs, additions, potential to split the lot. The Report gave me all these options for the buyers. Of course, they still have to check with the City. But CityStructure did a terrific job of informing my buyer pool. I'm so, so happy..."

Compass Real estate
Realtor San Diego

Lesha Montoya

Commercial Realtor
SDAR Vice-President 2023

"CityStructure's conceptual renderings are useful in helping our agents to position and sell build-out properties to our clients."

Realtor at Sotheby's

Lisa Miller

Top 1% Producer

“Thank you so much! It was great having you at our open house today. It was a huge added value!! ... The presentation was invaluable.”

Compass Real estate
Realtor at Compass

Daniel Hershkowitz

Ex-President of SFAR
Manager at Compass

“This service and report is the latest high-tech version of property “renderings” which we have seen in the industry for many decades.”

Compass Real estate

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Properties with Development Opportunity

3745 21st St, San Francisco
Expansion Potential
2229 Webster Street, San Francisco
Expansion Potential
262 Evelyn Way, San Francisco
Expansion Potential
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