Development Potential

Possible NEW Horizontal Addition Area

~ 4,760 sqft

Estimated Added Market Value (addition only)

~ $ 5,269,000


NEW Total Building Area
(conditioned + unconditioned spaces)

~ 6,343 sqft

EXISTING Total Building Area
(conditioned + unconditioned spaces)

~ 1,556 sqft

Living Spaces

Based on the current zoning regulations, this property may have additional units. This means more living space for you, your family and tenants.

Max. 4 Primary Units
+ 1 ADU + 1 JADU

Home Equity

The market value of the improvement adds more equity to this property which could be used towards a refinancing option or Home Equity Line of Credit to make other purchases.

~ $ 5,269,000**

Passive Income

Rental units are a great way to pay back the initial investment and to generate passive income. Check the Budget tab to see the average rents in the area.

$24,000 - $60,000/year**

** Consult your Realtor for a more accurate estimate of the new property value in the area

Building Areas



Building Area

~ 1,556 sqft







Building Area

~ 6,346 sqft (unit size ideas)

Max. Levels


Max. Units

up to 4 + 1 ADU + 1 JADU

ADU max. size

Order ADU report

Level 1

764 sqft

Level 2

792 sqft

Level 3 (new)

Order Vertical Expansion report

Level 1

3,268 sqft

Level 2

3,078 sqft

Level 3 (new)

Order Vertical Expansion report

* The building areas in this Report are just estimates based on our interpretation of the digital data received from 3rd party vendors, current Planning Code, policies, and the State Law. Verify it with the local planner, architect and/or a surveyor. CityStructure Group Inc disclaims any representation or warranties as to the accuracy of the presented information.


The cost for a construction project depends on the existing site conditions and the type of spaces you want to build.

COST of the improvements

~ $ 2,589,963**

Added Market Value

~ $ 5,269,000***

HARD COSTS (construction) = $ 2,333,300

Building new area

~ $ 450.00


$ 2,155,500

Remodel existing structure

~ $ 50


$ 77,800

Demo / site work



$ 100,000

New roof



$ -

SOFT COSTS (services) = $ 256,663

Professional fees

~ 10


$ 233,330

Permit Fees

~ 1.0


$ 23,333

The above cost estimates are meant to be used just as a guideline. These are not construction estimates.

Avg. rents/unit in the area**

1 Bd. + 1 Ba

~ $ 24,000 / year

3 Bd. + 1 Ba

~ $ 48,000 / year

2 Bd. + 1 Ba

~ $ 36,000 / year

3 Bd. + 2 Ba

~ $ 60,000 / year

** This is just a rough estimate of the costs for this improvement project. We encourage to do your own calculations and to get cost estimates from professional estimators.
*** Consult your Realtor for a more accurate estimate of the new property value and rents in the area


Your lending options depend widely on your financial context and ownership status to this property. Considering the scope of the work, this is the most commune loan option:

FHA 203(k) loan

An FHA 203k loan is a mortgage loan that allows you to purchase a property needing repairs or renovations and include the costs in the mortgage. With a 203k, borrowers must complete renovations within 6 months of closing. Read more ...

Home Construction Loan

Construction loans are short-term, interim loans used for new home construction. The contractor receives disbursements as work progresses. Read more ...

Home Equity Loan

Borrowing against the equity in your home is a cheaper way to finance renovations than putting the cost on a credit card, whether you choose a home equity loan or a HELOC. One drawback is that both types of loans require you to pay closing costs and fees similar to a traditional mortgage. Read more ...

* CityStructure Group Inc doesn't back up any of the lenders. This information is presented just for your convenience. We encourage you to do your own research.


Construction projects follow few Phases: Schematic or Design, Permit and Construction Phase. Below is a list of professionals you may need to help you complete each Phase for this type of project. Need referrals?

Schedule with us 30min. FREE phone consultation to refer you to the right professional for your project

I. Design Phase

Architect / Designer

Drafting Schematic Drawings and Specs

Owner's rep

Experienced professional that could represent/act/oversee the project to make sure that the owner's interest are met. This person is recommended but not mandatory for a project.

Civil Engineer

Land survey to locate the property lines, the existing building on site and utilities

Structural Engineer

Schematic Drawings and Specs

II. Permit Phase

Architect / Designer

Permit Drawings

Structural Engineer

Permit Drawings and Specs

III. Construction Phase

Architect / Designer

Construction Drawings and project management

General Contractor

Oversee the construction, purchase materials and hire subcontractors

Code References

The calculations of the possible new additions to the existing building on this property are based on the state and local planning regulations applicable to this lot.

Read below few of the regulations we followed in this analysis.

Zoning: RH-1 (Single-Family Residential) District

One-Family District. These Districts are occupied almost entirely by single-family houses on lots 25 feet in width, without side yards. Floor sizes and building styles vary but tend to be uniform within tracts developed in distinct time periods. Though built on separate lots, the structures have the appearance of small-scale row housing, rarely exceeding 35 feet in height. Front setbacks are common, and ground level open space is generous. In most cases the single-family character of these Districts has been maintained for a considerable time. Residential Zoning Regulations in San Francisco here ...

Bonus / Overlay: Dwelling Unit Density Exception & SB9

Dwelling Unit Density Exception: may be eligible This is a new ordinance issued in San Francisco that allows 4 units and 6 units for corner lots on all residential (RH) lots if the project follows certain restrictions. Learn more about Dwelling Unit Density Exception ordinance here...
Senate Bill 9 : allows lots located in single-family districts to have 2 units + 1 ADU or to Split the Lot and have 2 units on each one. San Francisco aligned with this new density bonus. Order full SB9 report. Homeowners have the choice to further improve their property and get permits under SB-9 or the current Base Zoning? Read more about the eligibility criteria for SB9.

Height Restrictions:40-X

The height of a dwelling in any RH-1(D), RH-1 or RH-1(S) District cannot exceed a 35 feet except :if the average ground elevation at the rear line of the lot is higher by 20 or more feet than at the front line, then the height can be 40 feet ;if the average ground elevation at the rear line of the lot is lower by 20 or more feet than at the front line, then the height is reduced to 30 feet, and the permitted height shall be reduced to 25 feet where the average ground elevation at the rear line of the lot is lower by 40 or more feet than at the front line.

Other: Urban Bird Refuge

This property is within 300' of a possible urban bird refuge. Planning Commission Resolution 18406 established policies concerning the window treatment, lighting design, and wind generation for certain projects in this area. For more information please consult the 'Standards for Bird-Safe Buildings'.Read more about this regulation

ADU: Eligible

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), also called secondary units, in-law units, or cottages, are accessory units. Adding an ADU to your property can provide several benefits, such as providing housing for family members, simplifying your lifestyle, and increased financial flexibility. Learn more about building ADU in this article

CEQA: Type B - Unknown historic status or “Not evaluated”

“Not evaluated” properties or which have a temporary designation NRSC/CHRSC of 7 while waiting for evaluation from the State Office of Historic Preservation need additional investigation to determine the underlying information / evidence regarding its historic status. Read more here...

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Disclaimer: All the information presented in this report was obtained from a third party provider. The selection of the presented information was made to inform our clients and general public. There is a lot more information about a property that was not included in the CityStructure Report. We urge everyone who wants to learn more about this property to contact the local planning department. All recommendations or comments are an interpretation of the local planning regulations. Verify all the information from the report with the local planer, architect and/or surveyor. Citystructure Group Inc disclaims any representation or warranties as to the accuracy of the presented information. The information is provided on an "as is" basis without any warranties of any kind, including but not limited to any express warranties, statutory warranties, and any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non infringement, or third party rights arising out of course of conduct or trade custom or usage. CityStructure's Reports may have errors, problems, or other limitations. Citystructure Group Inc has no liability whatsoever for the use of any information presented in this document. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you from Citystructure Group Inc through its services shall create any warranty, representation, or guarantee of any kind. The property Seller, the real estate Broker/Agent and any CityStructure's referral partners presenting any information from this document make no representations regarding the potential future use of the property(ies) analyzed in this document, and have not and will not research code requirements, zoning or planning issues, nor the legal or financial feasibility of any future development or re-development of this property. DO NOT purchase this property based on the information presented in this Report. The information and drawings provided in this document were all prepared by Citystructure Group Inc; Seller and Broker/Agent have not and will not verify information provided by Citystructure Group Inc. Limitation of Liability: Under no circumstances will Citystructure Group Inc be held liable or responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential (including damages from loss of business, lost profits, litigation, or the like), special, exemplary, punitive, or other damages, under any legal theory, arising out of or in any way relating to the information, your use of the information, or any content provided in this document, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. Your sole and exclusive remedy for dissatisfaction with the services and/or content is to cease all of your use of the services.