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Our reports give you an array of options within the zoning envelop for your property. Now you can make an educated decision on your next move without worry of being non-compliant.

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Win more listings

Attract property owners' interest in working with you by offering them the Development Opportunity Report that makes their property sell at its best value on the market.

Recommended for cold e-mail:
\\ E-mail homeowners the FREE development estimate for their property
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\\ Impress the owner with the professional Report

Make your listing website work for you

Now that you signed the listing contract, you want to expand the pool of buyers to receive as many offers as possible for your seller.

\\ Add the CityStructure embeddable widget for prospective buyers to access easily the Report

Attract more views on MLS and marketing websites

Share with your piers and prospective buyers the development opportunity of your listing on any marketing platform and MLS.

\\ Upload the branded or non-branded CityStructure Presentation Boards on all websites just like the marketing floor plans.

Make your open house memorable!

Impress prospective buyers viewing the property with architectural looking boards to spark creative discussions and excitement about the potential of your listing.

\\ Print the CityStructure Presentation Boards (approx. FedEx print cost $30) , mount them on foam core boards and present them at your Open House event.

Market Development Opportunity like a pro!

Realtor at Vanguard Properties

Eddie O'Sullivan

Founder and

"CityStructure's conceptual renderings are useful in helping our agents to position and sell build-out properties to our clients."

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Realtor at Sotheby's

Lisa Miller


“Thank you so much! It was great having you at our open house today. It was a huge added value!! ... The presentation was invaluable.”

Compass Real estate
Realtor at Compass

Daniel Hershkowitz

Risk Manager

“This service and report is the latest high-tech version of property “renderings” which we have seen in the industry for many decades.”

Compass Real estate

Check the Expansion Potential for your property


Check Development Potential for every property

Every time you view a property, make sure you check its Development Opportunity on CityStructure website. It's INSTANT and FREE! You'll might discover important insight that not even the listing agent was not aware of.

\\ Check out to check the development estimate for each property they are about to view.

Turn buyers into loyal buyers

\\ Impress your buyer with a professional analysis Report for the property you think it's something they should consider making an offer.


Get ideas of possible additions with cost estimates

\\ Get immediate answers about possible new additions to your house. Interested to have an ADU in the back yard or a completely new house on your property? No problem. You have it in just one Report.

\\ Do you want to get also an idea of budget for such project before committing to a significant improvement project? You'll find out too along with each design option.

Ready to find out the development possibilities for your address?

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