Development Opportunity for
244 Collins St, San Francisco, CA

391% Potential

($8,133,954 Untapped Value)

2,143 ft2
8,400 ft2

This property is a Dwelling designated as a Single Family Residential unit on a lot of 3,000 sqft. It has 2 stories, 6 rooms, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Property has a total as-built area of 2,143 sqft of which 1,829 sqft is the conditioned area assessed for property taxes.

Zoning District: RH-3

Development Options for
244 Collins St, San Francisco, CA


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What are the local zoning regulations for 244 Collins St ?


These Districts have many similarities to RH-2 Districts, but structures with three units are common in addition to one-family and two-family houses.

These districts share similarities with Two-Family Districts but distinguish themselves by featuring structures with three units in addition to one-family and two-family houses. Building styles exhibit variety while maintaining a complementary aesthetic. Outdoor spaces are provided at ground level, as well as on decks and balconies for individual units. Compared to Two-Family Districts, these areas tend to have a higher prevalence of nonresidential uses.

Permitted Residential uses: ADU, single room occupancy, student housing, senior housing, and residen, dwelling units

Permitted Non-Residential uses: Agriculture, neighborhood or passive outdoor recreation, childcare facility, public facilities, and residential care facility.

What is the maximum height for 244 Collins St ?


No portion of a dwelling can exceed a height of 40 feet, except that the permitted height has to be reduced to 35 feet where the average ground elevation at the rear line of the lot is lower by 20 or more feet than at the front line. The height is measured by taking a point at the centerline of the building or, where the building steps in relation to a street that is the basis for height measurement. Separate points need to be taken at the centerline of each building step. The upper point is the highest point on the finished roof in the case of a flat roof, and the average height of the rise in the case of a pitched or stepped roof.

What are the ADU regulations for 244 Collins St ?

ADU eligible

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), also called secondary units, in-law units, or cottages, are units added to existing and new residential buildings. Adding an ADU to your property can provide several benefits, such as providing housing for family members, simplifying your lifestyle, and increased financial flexibility.Learn more about building ADU in this article

What neighborhood is 244 Collins St located in?

Lone Mountain, San Francisco

Lone Mountain is a historic hill in west-central San Francisco, California and the site of the private University of San Francisco (USF) – Lone Mountain Campus, which in turn was previously the San Francisco Lone Mountain College for Women. It was once the location of Lone Mountain Cemetery, a complex encompassing the Laurel Hill, Calvary, Masonic, and Odd Fellows Cemeteries.

Lone Mountain is one of California's historic hills. The hill is near to the former location of the Odd Fellows Cemetery, Masonic Cemetery, and Greek Orthodox Cemetery. The graves in these cemeteries, along with most graves in San Francisco, were moved to Colma by the 1940s. Lone Mountain is also home to the Angelo J. Rossi Playground and Rossi Pool at Arguello Boulevard and Anza Street.

Lone Mountain is also known as "University Terrace" because of the terraces that connect the two USF campuses.

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