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About Central Sunset Neighborhood

Central Sunset, San Francisco. San Francisco. Population: 20497 residents. Average age: 52 years old *. Homeowners: 57%. The Sunset District is the largest neighborhood within the city and county of San Francisco.

Golden Gate Park forms the neighborhood's northern border, and the Pacific Ocean (or, more specifically, the long, flat strand of beach known as Ocean Beach) forms its western border. A section of the Sunset District towards its southeastern end is known as the Parkside neighborhood. Prior to the residential and commercial development of the Sunset District, much of the area was covered by sand dunes and was originally referred to by 19th century San Franciscans as the "Outside Lands."

History of Central Sunset Neighborhood

The origin of the "Sunset" name is not entirely clear. One claim indicates that Aurelius Buckingham, a developer who owned property in the area, coined the term in 1886. Another claim comes from the California Midwinter Exposition, held in Golden Gate Park in 1894 and also known as "The Sunset City.

Historically, the Sunset has been an Irish and Italian ethnic enclave.[9] Beginning in the late 1960s the neighborhood saw a steady influx of Asian (mostly Chinese) immigrants following the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 which lifted racial quotas allowing for more non-European nationals to immigrate to the United States. Additionally, the Handover of Hong Kong motivated many Chinese to immigrate to the U.S. due to the political and economic uncertainties.[citation needed] In 1999, around 60% of the homeowners in the Sunset and Richmond districts were Chinese.

Demographics of Central Sunset Neighborhood

Central Sunset is a neighborhood in San Francisco. The population of Central Sunset is 27,332 with 49% males and 51% females, and a median age of 43.

19% of this neighborhood is occupied by families with children, 25% single-female families, 18% single-male families, and 57% couples. The average household size in Central Sunset is 2.88, and the average family size is 3.22.

Transportation in Central Sunset Neighborhood

Muni is San Francisco's bus and metro system that runs throughout the city, operating buses, trains, cable cars and the F-line heritage streetcar. Muni buses remain above ground and on streets while Muni Metro runs on rails and sometimes go underground.

Politics in Central Sunset Neighborhood

Gordon Mar is an American politician from San Francisco. He has been a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors since 2019, representing District 4. He is the brother of former District 1 supervisor, Eric Mar.

Mar spearheaded multiple Board of Supervisors resolutions which denounced California State Senator Scott Weiner's SB 50 bill, which would have legalized higher density housing development in areas close to public transit.[13] When asked to explain why he voted to block the construction of a 495-unit apartment complex (with 25% affordable housing) on a Nordstrom's valet parking lot in the South of Market neighborhood, Mar said there was an abundance of available "luxury units" in the neighborhood and families "can check Craigslist today" to find housing.

Lifestyle in Central Sunset Neighborhood

Living in Inner Sunset offers residents a dense urban feel and most residents rent their homes. In Inner Sunset there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Many young professionals live in Inner Sunset and residents tend to be liberal. The public schools in Inner Sunset are above average.

Schools in Central Sunset Neighborhood

The San Francisco Unified School District operates public K–12 schools.

Educational institutions include the Parnassus campus and medical center of the University of California, San Francisco, located in Inner Sunset; the main campus of San Francisco State University, located in the southwestern corner of the neighborhood across from Lake Merced; Abraham Lincoln High School, located in the center of the Sunset District; St. Ignatius College Preparatory (a private, coeducational school operating in San Francisco since 1855) located since 1969 adjacent to Sunset Boulevard; and Lowell High School, the oldest public high school west of the Mississippi and one of the top performing ones in the United States.

Real estate in Central Sunset Neighborhood

The fog and farther distance from downtown have traditionally kept the cost of living lower in this area of the city making it more affordable to raise a family here. Plus, single-family homes on slightly larger plots of land increase one’s chances of landing a home with a private outdoor play area for kids. Irving, Judah, and Noriega Streets are the primary corridors for shopping and dining in the district. It’s easy to walk around the area, but because of its large area, you’ll also find yourself using your car more than in more condensed sections of the city.

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