Clarendon Heights Neighborhood, San Francisco CA

About Clarendon Heights Neighborhood

Clarendon Heights is a centrally located neighborhood, situated between a handful of slightly larger neighborhoods, each with their own distinct flair. This serene and highly residential neighborhood boasts stunning views, stately homes, and an ideal secluded location with open access to city life.

While all of the homes in Clarendon Heights are relatively modest, the lot sizes as well as home square-footages vary from house to house. The architectural styles found here are a blend of Tudors and villas with more contemporary styles as well as Mid-Century Modern homes, but all boasting the same orderly image. Rightfully motivated by the panoramic views, the homes were built into hills, complete with hillside stairways to help residents navigate the neighborhood on foot.

History of Clarendon Heights Neighborhood

For a relatively young city, San Francisco has a lot of historic charm. While the 1906 earthquake and fires destroyed over 80% of the city, some of its most gorgeous areas and structures managed to survive. More yet, there are neighborhoods in San Francisco that recall the Gold Rush and vigilante history. If you’re curious, you’ll be enchanted to know that many neighborhoods in Fog City have a dynamic past that run deep with global significance. Let’s check out the 10 most historic neighborhoods in our beautiful city!

Demographics of Clarendon Heights Neighborhood

The demographics of a place can be a fair indicator of how ‘neighborly’ a place is. 42% of the households in Clarendon Heights are renter-occupied.

Total Population
Median Age

Transportation in Clarendon Heights Neighborhood

Quality of life is subjective and can depend on a variety of things. While some home buyers might want a walkable city that offers ample things to do closer to where they live, others might prefer the suburbs with their tranquil streets, peace and quiet, and proximity to open spaces and nature. For some, the idea of being car-dependent is unacceptable, while for others, a reasonable drive time to their favorite weekend hangout is a dream come true.

Walk Score
Bike Score
Transit Score
Taking that into account, it would be great to know what amenities are available in the neighborhood, and whether you can complete most of your daily tasks on foot. Clarendon Heights, San Francisco has a walk score of 67, a bike score of 56, and a transit score of 62.

Public transit in Clarendon Heights, San Francisco is provided by San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (bus). There are 4 San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency bus stops in Clarendon Heights, San Francisco. The nearest airport is San Francisco International Airport.

Politics in Clarendon Heights Neighborhood

Following the social upheavals of the 1960s, San Francisco became one of the centers of liberal activism, with Democrats, and progressives dominating city politics. This continuing trend is also visible in the results of presidential elections; the last Republican to win San Francisco was Dwight Eisenhower in 1956. Although the fight between Democrats and Republicans has been unequal for the last forty years, it has become increasingly lopsided, with conservative commentators frequently attacking the city's politics using the ad hominem phrase, "San Francisco values".[1] In spite of its heavy liberal leanings, San Francisco has the highest percentage of "no party preference" voters of any California county, as of November, 2012.[2] Campaign corruption is monitored by the San Francisco Ethics Commission and violations result in fines up to $5,000 per violation

Lifestyle in Clarendon Heights Neighborhood

For households with kids, accessibility to nearby parks, playgrounds, daycare centers as well as highly-rated preschools is key. There are a few parks and playgrounds in Clarendon Heights, San Francisco, including Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve, Golden Gate Park Children's Playground, and Noe Valley Courts & Playground. These playgrounds provide great recreational facilities for kids, as well as adults. Families can enjoy a nice picnic under the shade in summer months, or walk along the trail for a weekend activity with the kids.

Proximity to good daycare centres is extremely important, especially if the parents have a full-time job. For young families in Clarendon Heights, San Francisco, childcare options include Theresa S. Mahler Child Development Center, Wondersitter, Tinker Preschool, and Belvedere Montessori Pre-School. Proximity to urgent care centers such as Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care - Castro, Carbon Health, and Golden Gate Urgent Care is also a plus.

Schools in Clarendon Heights Neighborhood

The definition of a good school can vary depending on what people are looking for - some might be interested in schools which have great sports programs, while others might be looking at schools that are better at preparing kids for higher education. Since perspective can make a difference, independent bodies like Niche assign ratings to schools and are commonly used by parents to make a decision. However, you are encouraged to verify these ratings through other sources including visiting the campus

Real estate in Clarendon Heights Neighborhood

Centrally located in the heart of San Fancisco , just north of Twin Peak and east of Mount Sutro, is the pretty neighborhood of Claredon Heights. The homes in the area are come in a wide and colorful array and architectural, from Tudor and Italian Style villas to sleek modern abodes, with many homes offering panoramic views of the city and San Francisco Bay. Nature lovers will appreciate the rich topography and many recreational facilities nearby, including the wondreful hiking trails and hills at Buena Vista Park, Sutro Heights Park and Tank Hill.

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