Forest Hill Neighborhood, San Francisco CA

About Forest Hill Neighborhood

Forest Hill was purchased by a private firm from the heirs of Adolph Sutro. Ground digging to develop the neighborhood began in 1912. Forest Hill was consciously developed to be and openly marketed as a racially exclusive, white-only enclave for economic elites. In the words of promoters who pitched the new neighborhood to potential residents in 1913: "In Forest Hill no property will be sold to Africans or Orientals, and every man who builds a house must build one that is a credit to the property. Forest Hill is only for those people who will build at least 4,000 houses. When a man purchases a home site in Forest Hill he can feel assured that his investment, his home and his family are protected from unsightly buildings and undesirable neighbors."

History of Forest Hill Neighborhood

When it was first established in 1652, Forest Hills was a 600-acre parcel of land known as Whitepot. It was held by Frederick Backus, George Backus, and Horation N. Squires until being purchased by the Cord Meyer Development Company in 1906. They dubbed the neighborhood Forest Hills because of its proximity to Forest Park. The community was built by architects Roger Tappan and William Patterson.

Demographics of Forest Hill Neighborhood

Forest Hill Demographics
According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Forest Hillwas:

Black or African American: 44.62%
White: 34.80%
Other race: 18.93%
Two or more races: 1.55

Transportation in Forest Hill Neighborhood

We are proud to live in Forest Hill and think the time is right to give the area a strong voice. By supporting the Forest Hill Society, you can make sure that our community gets the amenities, transport and environment it needs and deserves.

SE23 should be shouting from the hilltop about the great things the area has to offer, but for too long it has been neglected. The Forest Hill Society exists to make sure that our community gets the amenities, transport and environment it needs and deserves. By supporting us, you can help us to achieve these aims.
At the Forest Hill Society, we work hard on many fronts including
Public Transport
We have regular meetings with Tfl, Lewisham, LOROL and Southern to improve our station facilities, bus and train services.

Politics in Forest Hill Neighborhood

Forest Hill is a neighborhood in San Francisco they are democratic area.

Lifestyle in Forest Hill Neighborhood

This housing project, located in Forest Hills' northeastern outskirts, was highly contentious. Mayor John V. Lindsay advocated building low-income housing in Forest Hills in the late 1960s. Forest Hills locals were outraged by the prospect of putting a much poorer population into the middle-class area of Forest Hills. As a compromise, the income requirements for residents of the housing project were raised, but the height of the buildings was reduced. The Forest Hills Community House, located on 62nd Drive, was also built.

A beautiful Tudor-style structure a few blocks from the station houses the West Side Tennis Club. The stadium did not open until 1923 and would go on to become world-renowned.

Schools in Forest Hill Neighborhood

Forest Hills is a place where all district members are involved in providing educational opportunities that enable kids to excel. Forest Hills School District, with a tradition of quality and a supportive community, offers an innovative curriculum, high expectations, and undivided dedication to young people.

Real estate in Forest Hill Neighborhood

Founded by Ronni Fingold in 1985, Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. has specialized in the sale of prestigious homes, luxury condominiums, commercial real estate, country properties, estates, building lots and industrial properties for decades. As a result, Forest Hill trades in billions of dollars worth of real estate transactions annually.

Forest Hill Real Estate is a leader in the Canadian real estate market, and prides itself on its rich history, the reputation of integrity, customer service and market expertise.

The company’s in-depth understanding of the changing marketplace and the subtle nuances of completing a real estate transaction are the fundamental principles behind Forest Hill’s success.

Forest Hill knows the neighbourhoods, the marketplace, the art of negotiation and how to satisfy buyers and sellers alike, with professional, personal and informed approval.

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