Forest Knolls Neighborhood, San Francisco CA

About Forest Knolls Neighborhood

Forest Knolls is a residential neighborhood in the Western part of San Francisco. It lies at the foot of the steep, forested Mount Sutro, most of which is owned by UCSF. Because of the trees and steep hills with hillside staircases, it has been described as “Marin-like.” This neighborhood is conveniently close to the charming West Portal shopping street, and surrounded by hills: Mount Sutro and Mt Davidson for hiking in the forest; Twin Peaks and Tank Hill for views.

History of Forest Knolls Neighborhood

Forest Knolls was constructed between the late 1950s and the early 1960s. Some of the occupants are the original proprietors of the homes that were constructed at the time. Woodland Knolls was created on the site of a 1110-acre forest planted by former San Francisco mayor Adolph Sutro, one of the city's most colorful characters.

Demographics of Forest Knolls Neighborhood

Forest Knolls is a San Francisco neighborhood. Forest Knolls has a population of 3,100 people, with a gender split of 50/50 and a median age of 36.

Families with children make up 17% of the population in this neighborhood, while single-female families make up 23%, single-male families make up 26%, and couples make up 50%. Forest Knolls has an average household size of 2.04 people and a family size of 2.86 people.

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Transportation in Forest Knolls Neighborhood

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency provides public transportation in Forest Knolls, with 10 San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency bus stations.

Politics in Forest Knolls Neighborhood

Years of racist housing practices finally triggered sit-ins, picket lines, and condemnation from groups like the Bay Area Catholic Council, and Forest Knolls became a focal point for local liberal action. Along the way, it also launched political careers.

Lifestyle in Forest Knolls Neighborhood

If you're searching for a wonderful area to live in San Francisco, this is a great neighborhood to look into. Despite its origins in Golden Gate Park, the Forest Knolls neighborhood was established as a separate community in the late 1950s. Many residents were drawn to the area because of its proximity to Golden Gate Park and easy access to public transportation. The neighborhood was also popular among artists who preferred to live near to nature while still being close to the city core. Furthermore, Forest Knolls has always been known for its high-quality schools and good school districts, which have helped draw many families with children to the neighborhood over time.

Schools in Forest Knolls Neighborhood

Forest Knolls has 98.1 percent of adults who have completed high school, which is 8.3 percent higher than the national average.

Real estate in Forest Knolls Neighborhood

Forest Knolls has a population of 5,417 people, with a median age of 37. Males account for 53.55 percent of the total, while females account for 46.45 percent. In Forest Knolls, US-born people make up 74.97 percent of the population, while non-US-born citizens make up 15.75 percent. Additionally, non-citizens make up 9.29 percent of the population.

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