Ingleside Heights Neighborhood, San Francisco CA

About Ingleside Heights Neighborhood

At one time a purely agricultural area, Ingleside Heights is now a laid-back, middle-class neighborhood located in the portion of southwestern San Francisco.

Ingleside Heights looks like a typical residential suburban neighborhood, similar to some of its neighbors. But underneath the rows of modest-sized homes. Properties in Ingleside Heights tend to be single-family homes on lots that are 25′ wide.

History of Ingleside Heights Neighborhood

Since the 1880s, when Ocean Avenue was merely a dirt trail branching off San Jose Avenue, used to reach Lake Merced and Ocean Beach, the neighborhood has been known as Ingleside. Some visitors were drawn out by the fresh air and wildflowers, but the majority of the horses and coaches were bound for the roadhouses that began operating around the lake and beaches in the 1850s.

Demographics of Ingleside Heights Neighborhood

Ingleside Heights has a population of 6967 people, with a gender split of 50/50 and a median age of 40. Families make up 53 percent of the population in this neighborhood, with 32 percent being single-female families, 20 percent being single-male families, and 48 percent being couple families. Ingleside Heights has a median household size of 3.21 people and a median family size of 3.57 people.

Transportation in Ingleside Heights Neighborhood

Public transportation is a prominent mode of transportation in Ingleside Heights, with 37% of commuters using it.

Politics in Ingleside Heights Neighborhood

Ingleside & Oceanview have a high violent crime rate and a below average property crime rate for San Francisco.

Lifestyle in Ingleside Heights Neighborhood

Ingleside Heights, once a largely agricultural area, is today a relaxed, middle-class neighborhood in the OMI district of southwestern San Francisco (Oceanview-Merced Heights-Ingleside). The majority of the houses in this neighborhood were erected as part of an urban planning project in the 1940s and 1950s.

Schools in Ingleside Heights Neighborhood

Approximately 81% of people have completed high school, 15% have completed some type of college but do not have a degree, 8% have an associate degree, 28% have a bachelor's degree, and 12% have completed graduate school.

Real estate in Ingleside Heights Neighborhood

Residents benefit from the close proximity of Ingliside Heights to various business areas, including the shops on Ocean Avenue and the department stores, retail chains, and cafes that compose the Stonestown Galleria mall.

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