Ingleside Terrace Neighborhood, San Francisco CA

About Ingleside Terrace Neighborhood

Ingleside Terraces is an affluent residential neighborhood of approximately 750 detached homes built at the former location of the Ingleside Racetrack in the southwestern part of San Francisco. It is adjacent to the Balboa Terrace, Ingleside, Merced Heights and Lakeside neighborhoods, and is bordered by Ocean Avenue to the north, Ashton Avenue to the east, Holloway Avenue to the south and Junipero Serra Boulevard to the west. The main local event that occurs is the Annual Sundial Park Picnic, in which the local residents host bicycle, chariot, and wagon racing. There is a large sundial located on Entrada Court, surrounded by the oval-shaped Urbano Drive, which was once a horse race track. Ingleside Terraces is one of nine master-planned residence parks in San Francisco.

History of Ingleside Terrace Neighborhood

Cecil F. Poole, an African-American, became the first non-white owner and occupant of Ingleside Terraces in 1957. Mr. Poole, a Harvard Law School alumnus and former president of the San Francisco Urban League, worked as an assistant district attorney before becoming a federal judge. The house he purchased was Leonard's former home at 90 Cedro Avenue. Mr. Poole and his family remained in the Terraces until the early 1980s, despite having a cross burned on his front yard.

Demographics of Ingleside Terrace Neighborhood

Ingleside Heights is a San Francisco neighborhood. Ingleside Heights has a population of 6,967 people, with a gender split of 50/50 and a median age of 40.

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Transportation in Ingleside Terrace Neighborhood

Public transportation is a prominent mode of transportation in Ingleside Heights, with 37% of commuters using it.

Politics in Ingleside Terrace Neighborhood

Racial limitations were found illegal and unenforceable in courts in the 1948 Supreme Court case Shelley v. Kraemer, though they were nevertheless enforced socially. As the neighborhood's first non-white residents, assistant district attorney Cecil F. Poole and his family came in in 1957. The next year, on June 5, 1958, other residents of the neighborhood set fire to a cross on the Pooles' front lawn.

Lifestyle in Ingleside Terrace Neighborhood

Many consider Ingleside Terraces one of the most fully-realized of the "residence parks" in San Francisco. Today, it still has an active homeowner's association. The community centers on Urbano Drive, the site of the racetrack. Supposedly, the small house at 280 Byxbee Avenue is an old jockey house from the racing days.

Schools in Ingleside Terrace Neighborhood

The thing about childcare and schooling is that your personal situation will determine which option is best for you. While there are plenty of options in this neighborhood, your best bet is to visit for an interactive map and comprehensive list of daycares and preschools throughout the city.

Real estate in Ingleside Terrace Neighborhood

Views of the beach, a quiet suburban vibe, detached single-family homes, easy shopping and restaurants at Stonestown Galleria and Ocean Avenue (including a Target and Whole Foods! ), and comparatively affordable housing costs make this location a good spot to raise a family. Furthermore, more and more free seasonal events are being presented around the neighborhood. is expanding with free seasonal activities

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