Lakeside Neighborhood, San Francisco CA

About Lakeside Neighborhood

Developed from 1936-1950, "for the Man of Means" is a darling community with the Lakeside Village set as it's focal point. Lakeside Village is on Ocean avenue and is a bustling corridor for shopping, dining and your every day needs. It's very common to find homes with white picket fences in this neighborhood too. It's also one of the first communities in San Francisco to have it's utilities placed underground...thus no unsightly poles or wires to be seen from your home in this idealic area.These homes are also detached. It's one of the more unique neighborhoods in San Francisco that many are not aware of.

History of Lakeside Neighborhood

Between 1936 and 1950, Lakeside was constructed. The Lakeside Village commercial corridor is part of it. Some businesses such as Villa d'Este has been in operation since the 1940s. Sloat runs through Lakeside on the north, and 19th Avenue and Junipero Serra meet on the south. Lakeside I, II, and III are the three sections of the park. Between Sloat and Ocean, Lakeside One is the furthest north.

Demographics of Lakeside Neighborhood

Lakeside has a population of 1,654 people, with 47 percent men and 53 percent women with a median age of 46. Households with children make up 30% of the population, followed by single-female families (21%), single-male families (13%), and couples (66%).

Transportation in Lakeside Neighborhood

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency provides public transportation in Lakeside, San Francisco (bus). In Lakeside, San Francisco, there are 14 San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency bus stops. San Francisco International Airport is the closest airport. I-280 is the closest freeway to Lakeside, San Francisco.

Politics in Lakeside Neighborhood

Lakeside had considerable Native American, Spanish-speaking, and Filipino populations in the mid-twentieth century.
The United States Navy maintains two large housing sites in the town for military dependents. Today, the Lakeside Historical Society is in charge of preserving the town's history, focusing on the historic former downtown along Maine Avenue, which is now separated from the town's core business area.

Lifestyle in Lakeside Neighborhood

People in Lakeside enjoy a dense suburban feel, with the majority of residents owning their houses. There are numerous parks in Lakeside. Lakeside is home to a large number of families, and people tend to be conservative.

Schools in Lakeside Neighborhood

Lakeside Presbyterian Center for Children is a well-known San Francisco neighborhood preschool. Since 1961, generations of San Franciscans have attended Lakeside Elementary School and sent their children there for their initial years of education. Dedicated staff, committed parents, and a loving church make up our school community.

Real estate in Lakeside Neighborhood

Between the Stonestown and Ingleside Terrace communities in southwest San Francisco sits Lakeside, a long, thin neighborhood. Lakeside is not near Lake Merced, despite its name, however it is close to San Francisco State University and the Stonestown Galleria. Lakeside is a well-kept and unexpectedly calm sanctuary in the midst of a bustling city, bordered by Junipero Serra Boulevard and 19th Avenue, two of the busiest avenues in San Francisco.

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