Merced Manor Neighborhood, San Francisco CA

About Merced Manor Neighborhood

One of San Francisco's hidden gems, Merced Manor is a picturesque residential neighborhood located between Stern Grove and Lake Merced.

Primarily a single family home neighborhood, located between Stern Grove and Lake Merced. It is bordered by 19th Avenue to the east, Sloat Boulevard to the north, 26th Avenue to the west and Eucalyptus Drive to the south. This area is best known for Lowell High School, The Stonestown Galleria shopping mall and close proximity to San Francisco state university. A variety of architectural styles give each home their individual style. This is a great area to consider if you desire a detached, larger home.

History of Merced Manor Neighborhood

Joseph William Leavitt, the proprietor, built it in 1854. (c. 1830-1866), P.L. Brown leased Charles Brown's nearby "Lake House" the same year. The structure, which was white, was a glamorous and well-known housing and holiday destination in the city, attracting a wide range of personalities.

Demographics of Merced Manor Neighborhood

Merced Manor has a population of 1,044 people, with 46% males and 54% females, with a median age of 48. Households with children make up 26% of the population, followed by single-female families at 29%, single-male families at 14%, and couples at 57%.

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Transportation in Merced Manor Neighborhood

Residents have also convenient acces to both public transportation and shopping. (Public Bus and MUNI Street Car)

Politics in Merced Manor Neighborhood

Many young professionals and retirees live in Merced Manor and residents tend to be liberal.

Lifestyle in Merced Manor Neighborhood

A variety of architectural styles give each home their individual style. This is a great area to consider if you desire a detached, larger home.

Schools in Merced Manor Neighborhood

The public schools in Merced Manor are above average.

Real estate in Merced Manor Neighborhood

The Merced Manor property was integrated into the Rancho Laguna de la Merced, a one-half-square-league territory awarded to José Antonio Galindo, corporal in the El Presidio Real de San Francisco military in Alta California, in 1835. Galindo did little to develop the area and sold it to Francisco de Haro in 1837. (1792-1849). In 1838, De Haro (as Alcalde) arrested Galindo for the murder of Pedro Peralta's son, José Doroteo Peralta (1810-1838).

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