Western Addition Neighborhood, San Francisco CA

About Western Addition Neighborhood

Western Addition neighborhood has the only other Japantown in Northern California (the other being in San Jose). Plus, the super famous Fillmore Theatre is right here and we have our own farmer’s market every Saturday, with a live jazz band to accompany it!

The Western Addition, like many neighborhoods, is ill-defined. Some maps draw it as encompassing all of Alamo Square Park and a significant portion of what is now known as "NoPa," while others define it as the area north of Golden Gate, extending to Geary.

Western Addition intersects and/or overlaps with the Alamo Square neighborhood, NoPa, the Fillmore District, Lower Pacific Heights and the Lower Haight, depending on how you mentally define it.

Based on how many in the hood talk about the Western Addition, its borders appear to have shrunk over the past several years to encompass an area containing a number of lower-income housing units. At the same time, new neighborhood names such as NoPa have appeared, and the Alamo Square neighborhood began to mentally capture more and more of the common vernacular. This is no doubt due to the efforts of real estate agents.

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