Westwood Highlands Neighborhood, San Francisco CA

About Westwood Highlands Neighborhood

Westwood Highlands is a small affluent neighborhood located in south-central San Francisco, California, northeast of the intersection of Monterey Boulevard and Plymouth Avenue. It is bordered by Westwood Park to the south, Saint Francis Wood to the west, Sherwood Forest to the north, and Sunnyside to the east. Mt. Davidson, the highest point in San Francisco, lays just northeast.

Quieter than Sunnyside the homes here tend to be larger and more ornamented if not more charming. There seems to be a more obvious pride of ownership here than in many other neighborhoods but that may be due to the fact that many homes sit on larger parcels and are detached from each other. Homes here tend to have 3-4 bedrooms with 2-3 bathrooms and the possibility of more than 1 parking space routinely. But the area is more removed which necessitates a greater need for a car.

Demographics of Westwood Highlands Neighborhood

Westwood Highlands covers an area of 0.178 square miles, with a population of 1,782 as of 2009. The median household income in Westwood Highlands is $116,573, compared to a median of $70,770 for the city of San Francisco.

Real estate in Westwood Highlands Neighborhood

Westwood Highlands is a small, private subdivision development comprising 283 homes built between 1925 and 1929. The subdivision is bound by five intersecting arterial roads. Westwood Highlands was one of the first residential communities in the United States to agree to a set of covenants and restrictions

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