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This is the first step for real estate agents, homeowners, and developers to understand the expansion potential for a specific residential property, before purchasing any of the full CitySructure reports.

Just type in the address of the property in the search box below, and you'll get instantly the maximum number of the units, the eligibility for ADU (accessory dwelling unit), and possible number of finished floors you may be allowed to add to the existing building.

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InstaDEV widget gives to your website the power of a productivity tool that transforms the one-time visitors into daily users.

We offer FREE our InstaDEV widget to any real estate professional to embed on her/his website.

Attract and keep engage the prospective home buyers who are interested to find properties with expansion potential.

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iBuyer platforms use our tool to generate more sales.

InstaDEV tool opens the pool of buyers by showing instantly the untapped development potential of a property with real data. This data helps both investors to estimate the ROI on a property, as well as individual buyers to check if they could build an ADU for passive income.

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Give yourself a competitive advantage and stand out by offering to real estate agents what they want for their website:
Development Opportunity widget, InstaDEV!  

Most of the websites are not visited and hard to be found by the prospective buyers. Real estate agents embed InstaDEV tool on their website to attract more leads.  

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Expansion potential for real estate properties

How it works?

01. Get Code Embed

Drop us a line to request the code for your embed. You might need some customization based on your website / platform design.

02. Display Page

Decide where it'd be most luckily for your website visitor use this tool. It could be on one f few pages. The goal is to transform your website in a useful tool for the buyer.

03. Paste Code on your website

Most of the website platforms have a section where you could add custom code or widgets. We can also assist you to find the section where you can paste it.

How to sell homes to consumers and investors

Check out how Cece Doricko was able to get 24% or +$300,000 over asking price for her client by selling a residential property, located in a less desirable area.

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