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This tool is for the homeowners, developers, home buyers and real estate agents who just want to get a quick answer about any expansion potential for a specific property.

InstaDEV calculates instantly the maximum size of a building on a lot!

Our tool looks into Assessors' office data and current Zoning regulations so you can continue scouting for more properties.


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Nothing beats a good property discovery due diligence.
Here you can find out the maximum building size of every property you're interested to purchase. Due to new zoning regulations, most of the properties are underbuilt. Check out how much area you could add to yours!

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Properties with Development Opportunity


Prospective buyers have started to look for properties with expansion potential weather they are looking to purchase it an real estate investment opportunity, to generate passive income or to be able to host their entire family.

Our InstaDev tool, gives a quick review of the potential additions to the existing home on a property before ordering any of the full development opportunity reports.

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Real Estate Platforms


Real estate platforms use our tool to generate more sales. It helps the prospective buyers and real estate investors the upside of their investment.

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Web Hosting  for Real Estate Agents' Websites


Access zoning designation, design restrictions and history preservation designation from the local planning department specific to your property.

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Expansion potential for real estate properties

Real Estate Agents' Website


Most of the websites are not visited and hard to be found by the prospective buyers. Real estate agents embed InstaDEV tool on their website to transform it into a useful website and to attract more leads.  

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Drop us a line to request the code for your embed. You might need some customization based on your website / platform design.

02. Display Page

Decide where it'd be most luckily for your website visitor use this tool. It could be on one f few pages. The goal is to transform your website in a useful tool for the buyer.

03. Paste Code on your website

Most of the website platforms have a section where you could add custom code or widgets. We can also assist you to find the section where you can paste it.

3745 21st St, San Francisco

A splendid home on a rare DOUBLE lot at the heart of Dolores Heights. The lot is large enough to host a large 840 Sqft ADU. It could be designed as a 2 bedroom unit for long term guests, au-pair, assisted home care or even to bring passive income.

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