Untapped Home Value for Homeowners

"How much can I build on my property?" This is a question that most of homeowners ask themselves. The answer was not that easy or affordable till now.  

CityStructure Report shows you what you could build on your property, how large the structure could be, and the estimated construction cost.

What the Untapped Home Potential Report gives you and what can you do with it

Whether you want to expand your existing house, build a new house or a new ADU (accessory dwelling unit), the Untapped Potential Report shows you these options for your property

Maximum Building Envelop

The report gives you the maximum building envelop along with multiple expansion options. This helps you check if the size of those areas give you enough room for your program.

Use our Building Area calculator below to figure out the appropriate size for your program, planned activities or unit.

Building Area Calculator

Estimated cost of construction to help you budget the project

Every Design Option comes with an Estimated Budget. This budget is just a cost estimate meant to help you run multiple financing scenarios.

If you don't sit on a lot of cash, now it's time to look for options to finance your project. Read this article to learn more about financing options.

Get the regulations for your property in one place

We compiled in the report the local and state regulations that apply to your property. Each regulation has a friendly explanation of what it means.

No more clicking though many confusing webpages and read though planning code. We've already done it for you!

The report gets you prepared to have a productive meeting with any design professional and contractors

Now that you have a clear understanding of what you may build on your lot, how much area you need to satisfy your needs and have a pre-approval on your hand, it's time to interview architects, designers and contractors.

Based on the size of your project, you may need to hire both an architect and a contractor, or just a design-built contractor. Read this article that explains how to choose your project team.

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