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CityStructure Reports calculate the size of the building o an property based on the latest local and state zoning regulations with density bonuses to include market rate and BMR units.


Specialized and Powerful

Nothing beats a good a feasibility study before making any investment decisions.
Present to prospective buyers multiple development options for a property in a friendly marketing format.

Development Opportunities

Check how changes in zoning regulations that may open new development opportunities.

Spot Permit Inconsistencies

Property's permit history could become a strong selling or negotiation point.

Understand Restrictions

Local planning regulations is not your favorite bedtime reading. It's ours.
We explain it for you.


Multi-family building massing


There are multiple options multi-family buildings. The local regulations allow certain heights and number of units but state programs may be less restrictive.

Did you know that a developer could choose between these programs?

Density Bonuses


Besides of the base zoning regulations, we look at what are the local and state density bonuses applicable in your area to your property. Here are few examples of programs we analyze for properties in California:

\\ Local Program Permanently Affordable
\\ State Density Bonus
\\ Streamlined ADU programs
\\ Senate Bill 9 (SB-9) and 10 (SB-10)

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03. Receive Your Report in 48h

Your report is ready in just 48h from the moment we receive the payment.

How to sell homes to consumers and investors

Check out how Cece Doricko was able to get 24% or +$300,000 over asking price for her client by selling a residential property, located in a less desirable area.

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