Westwood Park Neighborhood, San Francisco CA

About Westwood Park Neighborhood

The micro-neighborhood tucked between Sunnyside, Monterey Heights, and Mt. Davidson Manor.

There are more than 650 single family, detached homes with front and backyards, and garages. Built as a 1920s-era bungalow neighborhood, it was designed as a residence park for middle class San Franciscans. Early lot buyers received a brochure with the not-so-catchy-title, “Attractive Bungalows for Moderate Cost for Westwood Park in Sutro Forest San Francisco.”

The neighborhood as a whole has a uniform look, but each home has unique architectural details. There are modified versions of styles such as Craftsman, Mediterranean, Spanish Colonial, American Colonial, English Cottage, Tudor, Storybook, and Dutch Colonial.

Demographics of Westwood Park Neighborhood

Lots of families and older residents, but with a diversity that seems to reflect most of the rest of the city.

Twentysomethings or anyone who prefers the life of a hipster. Too quiet and probably not enough action for them. Lots of dog walkers—and those folks are a great source of up-to-date info on happenings in the neighborhood.

Transportation in Westwood Park Neighborhood

The Muni streetcars (on Ocean Avenue) and BART. In a pinch, you can walk to either the Glen Park BART or the Balboa Park BART stations. Both are about a mile from the neighborhood. The #23 Monterey Boulevard bus goes from the Zoo to the Bayview and stops at the Glen Park BART, while the #43 stops at the Balboa Park BART. My pet peeve about the #23 is its infrequency during non-commute hours. I’m not sure if MUNI doesn’t run more buses because fewer people use them during those times or fewer people use them because there aren’t as many buses scheduled. The #43 swings through City College, but it can sometimes take up to 15 minutes to crawl along Phelan Avenue when school is in session.

Lifestyle in Westwood Park Neighborhood

Longtime residents will tell you that there are not as many kids as there used to be, but we are noticing a bit of an upward cycle lately, with more little tykes moving in. Having backyards makes the neighborhood attractive to families.

Java on Ocean, The Railroad Express on Monterey Boulevard (which is technically in Sunnyside). There is also a new Philz Coffee on Ocean Avenue near the Fire Station and Unity Plaza.

Westwood Park feels very solid and stable because of its cozy homes and many longtime residents. The fact that our homes are around 100-years-old and loaded with history gives us all a sense of belonging to and a commitment to San Francisco.

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