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+Add on to any Report, starts at $399 / 2h event

Prospective buyers are excited to hear about the development potential of a listing. Once they see our reports for a listing, they want to learn more about how they could achieve it (i.e. what they could fit, permits, construction costs, project timeline, etc). We used to answer all of these questions during an in-person Open House event.


The Power of Team Work

We team up with Realtors to cover questions
about the development potential of those listings that we've put together
Value Added or/and New House Reports for.

Added Value to Realtors' services

The power of a Realtor is to assemble the right team to make a transaction successful. Traditionally, Realtors would bring an appraisal, a loan officer and an escrow officer. This is just at the final phase of a transaction.
Buyers need more than that!
We bring to the Open House event a team of designers, contractors, and even ADU vendors.

Many questions?
We got answers.

Our specialists  follow up with answers to specific questions your prospective buyers
may have during the event. Potential buyers expect Realtors to know everything about anything.

Clarifications not Contingences

Everybody loves a clean offer
without contingences.
Our team of professionals has a full understanding of the liabilities that may trigger a promise without supportive documents.
We make clear that all our conversations are informational only and beyond that the buyer needs to perform their own investigations.


Marketing Package


Choose NEW HOUSE Report or VALUE ADDED Report to highlight the development potential of your listing. All home buyers want to understand the full potential of a home whether they are interested to purchase it as an investment or for private use.
(priced separate)

CityStructure - Expand single family and multi family homes in the bay area

Presentation Boards


Presentation boards showcasing the development potential are a great way to welcome prospective buyers, especially when you cannot be present to showcase a listing.

Choose one of our board template options of either three (3) 18" x 22" or one (1) 22"x 28" board size and we'll format it with the information and visuals from your report. You'll receive from us a .PDF or.JPEG of your presentation boards ready for you to print them out and mount them on a board.
(printing not included)

CityStructure Open House for Lisa Miller, real estate agent for Sotheby's International real estate agency in San Francisco

Assistance at Realtor's
Open House Event


Feeling more comfortable to have one of our architectural design team member assist you on both broker's tour and open house events to present the Report? We can help with that!

You can just present the property "as is" along with the transaction details, and we'll cover the development potential of your listing analyzed in Value Added or New House Report.

How it works?

01. Select the Product

Select the right product for your listing (base report, value added report, new house report)

02. Submit Request

Fill out the form with your information and the property address, we’ll take it from there. No payment is required at this moment. We'll e-mail you with a confirmation that the report could be produced along with an invoice.

03. Schedule your Open House Event

When you order the Report , you'll also schedule your on-line Open House Event with us.

866 35th Avenue, San Francisco

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