San Francisco

What RH or Single family zoning means for a property in San Francisco?

UPDATES! RH are residential house districts are intended to recognize, protect, conserve and enhance areas characterized by dwellings in the form of houses, usually with one, two or three units with separate entrances, and limited scale in terms of building width and height. Such areas tend to have similarity of building styles and predominantly contain large units suitable for family occupancy, considerable open space, and limited nonresidential uses. The RH Districts are composed of five separate classes of districts.

San Francisco

San Francisco Expanding Housing Choice

After months of presenting to the San Francisco residents for public feedback, the Final Proposed Zoning Map is presented today to the Mayor for consideration and introduction at the Board of Supervisors. How is this rezoning is going to shape San Francisco? It's hard to image. Surely the Housing Element Zoning Program, part of the Housing for All initiative, follows the Regional Housing Needs Allocation required by the State of California.


Forget about Upzoning! Now, it’s Zoning awareness …

How could real estate agents cast a wider network and help improve the balance of power between developers or investors and consumers?

California SB-9

How SB-9 applies to properties in Oakland?

In 2021, California has issued an exciting bill 9 that allows more units on lots where only one unit used to be allowed. Now that the framework was voted, Oakland as any other municipality has specified how the bill will apply under the local planning regulations.

California SB-9

Ministerial approval for SB-9 Projects in San Francisco

Ministerial approval is the fastest way to get your permits and start your project. SB-9 eligible projects will successfully go thought the permit process because they skip the long and unpredictable neighborhood notification requirement and take the ministerial review path instead.


Zoning Analysis adds value to Realtors' services and real estate properties

Learn about Zoning Analysis and how it Realtors and sellers add value to a property and expand their pool of buyers.

California SB-10

How SB-10 applies to properties in San Diego county

San Diego county, after successfully implemented California Senate Bill 9 (SB-9), now they're in the process of adopting Senate Bill or SB-10 which permits up to 10 unit development building on any parcel regardless the existing density limit as long as the new building includes also affordable units.