Hear directly from our clients

Hear directly from our clients

Hear directly from our clients

1424 Stannage Ave.

Investments are there to be discovered. The trick is to have the right tools to find them. It's not magic or rocket science. We, at City Structure, opine that it's just well documented analysis that everybody should have access to

As an investor, there is a a good amount of risk while purchasing a property, especially if the funds are borrowed from lenders. Therefore, it is crucial for them to make their investment estimates as accurate as possible. This gets challenging if you don’t have an experienced designer in house as it is too expensive to pay for feasibility studies for each property on the market.

Typically, realtors present their investors with CMAs (Comparable Market Analysis) for properties already existing on the market.

What lacks is their ability to present CMAs for not only properties available on the market but also a comparison analysis of properties after exploiting how much they can be improved in future.

The reason they are unable to offer the latter is because they neither have the expertise nor the budget to pay for a traditional zoning analysis in order to determine the characteristics of the improved property.

John is an investor and he needed these characteristics. He needed to understand the maximum size of a building that might be allowed on a lot so that he could review a detailed CMA post property improvement and calculate the ROI accordingly.

The Final Result

He ordered the City Structure New House report.

Voila! In less than 48h, the report was in his hands and he was able to make a decision and submit his investment offer based on the data surfaced by the report.

1424 Stannage Ave., Berkeley

Realtors love to have investors in their portfolio of clients because they generate ongoing business. Are realtors equipped to serve these types of clients in order to generate repeated business?

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