Bonsall Neighborhood, San Diego

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March 27, 2022

In this article, we will present the five essential factors of Bonsall Neighborhood, San Diego, when someone is interested in buying or renting a house in this area. Learn about the history, demographics, lifestyle, and transportation facilities available in the Bonsall Neighborhood.


Originally Bonsall was named Mount Fairview because it is considered as the home for Mount Fairview office post in 1871 and 1880. This post office name then switched to honor Engineer Chief Joseph O. Osgood, so they named after him and named this town Osgood. In the year 1889, a petition was filed for changing the name of this town, Reed, Bonsall, and Favorite, and after this petition, the name Bonsall won, and since then, it has remained the same.


In Bonsall, there are 4,458 people present, with 45.54% females and 54.46% males. Whereas US residents are 80.0% and non-residents are 15.97%, with the number of 3.23% residents are non-citizens. The distribution of age among all these numbers is 685 people above the age of 65 or older, and around 844 people are under 18. The age of a medium person in Bonsall is 44.1 years. Bonsall has around 4,000 people which is a big change from some of the larger cities in the surrounding area. The smaller population contributes to a more friendly and closer community with a reduction in crime and an increase in community safety.


Away only 10 miles from Camp Pendleton, Northside Bonsall is located in the country of San Diego. Bonsall is a great place to live and 12 miles away from Oceanside, Ca. Here, there are mainly three ways of transportation residents in Bonsall use to get to the places they want to visit. The main mean of transportation are private cars, only 22% were considered to walk to reach their workplace, and 20% use elevators or the subway.

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Bonsall in the 38th Senate District which is represented by the republican Brain Jones, and in the 75th Assembly District, represented by Republican Marie Waldron. Political parties in Bonsall focus on the betterment of their town after the argument by opponents in which there is a fight between taxpayers that are closely associated with other cities, Fallbrook and Vista.


Bonsall, situated in the north of San Diego, is known for its interactive zoo for kids and enjoying nature lifestyle with a slower pace, wine, and this town is known for their rolling hills and Mediterranean climate.. The people of Bonsall live their lives with great pleasure and opt for a luxurious lifestyle.

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The education system in Bonsall is served under the Unified District School of Bonsall. There are three elementary schools that provide an outstanding education to the kids in middle-high school. In Bonsall, 26.11% have college certificates, and 22.01% have completed their bachelor’s degree; meanwhile,25.68% pass their high school.

Real estate

Bonsall is a significant business, retail complex, with a variety of services and stores, including banks and other financial services, architects, law offices, and real estate offices. The cost of the real estate properties in this area is around $1mill. and up.

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